About me

Photography is my passion but not my profession. This is how I like it, as it allows me to take the pictures I want without the pressure of having to earn a living. However, I do sometimes undertake commissions and have taken photographs for Collage Media, Pepper’s Ghost Theatre Company, Madcap Arts Centre, the National College for School Leadership and the Innovation Unit (see links page). My work has also been used by Milton Keynes Council for its cultural strategy document, and has appeared in the local press.

I am an active member of New City Photographic Society and regularly take part in club and regional competitions. Several of my images have been accepted for regional exhibitions and some have won awards. A solo exhibition of my work was held at the Madcap Arts Centre from 3-29 September 2007.

My photographic interests will be obvious from the gallery pages. However, my aim is always to produce strong images that have an emotional impact.